PURsub ®

PURsub® is a wear coating that can be used on most materials. PURsub® is sprayed on existing structures in the desired thickness. It dries very quickly and you can form a tight coating that can be loaded in a short period of time. PURsub® comes under a category that are called PU skin, because its properties are comparable to polyurethane.

PU skin is used to protect soft materials that are subjected to stain or we need to increase the wear resistance. PURsub® is used, among other things, on ROV buoyancy blocks (for underwater operations), swimming pools and concrete protection. PURsub® forms a PU leather by spraying onto the substrate and the possibilities for use is many. Normal thickness is between 2-5mm but technically there is no limitation in how thick one can lay the coating. Watch video on Youtube. 

Features such as 400% extension and 90shore hardness provide a robust and strong surface.

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